Light (Spot) - what happens?

Hello everyone.
I have made a simple program, that constructs a floor using glvertex3f - its a simple quad, made from 4 vertexes and to the scene i have also imported a simple 3ds file.

Now i want to create a spot light, ok, light created

position 0,0,0
direction 0,-9,0

this should normally create a spot light
and light my 3ds file and a floor surface, 3ds file is ligthed ok - but the floor isn’t, why :frowning:

I cant understand why floor doesnt get light from my spot ?

Anyone can help me? please…

Because you have only one quad. Because the light does not hit any of your vertices, it is not shown. But, try 2x2, 3x3 and/or 4x4 quads with tex coords divided evenly among the number of quads wide and tall and compare how they look.

Also, verify that you have definied normals for each vertex. And enabled lighting and enabled a light and definied it all as you like.