Light Rays

could anyone point me towards good tutorial for Light Rays?

IE: A lighbulb, with a ray of light.

Any help os MUCH appreciated. Thx.


That all depends on what you want to do with the light rays… if you want to use them for radiosity or lightmapping Light Rays behave just as any other ray, such as ones used in collision detection or anything.

I mean like a Visable Ray of light coming from a source, IE: A spotlight, with a ray of light leaving it. A transparent, but viewable object posing as a “light ray”.
Like in the Vapor demo2 on, where you race thel ittle space car. The lights have little rays leading from them.

Use a alpha blended cone, that is all.

Neil Witcomb

That is the easy way of doing it. in my opinion it looks very very fake. Maybe you can do a dynamic lightmap for the light source?? Computationally expensive but only one light source and only the polygons in fron of you would have to be lightmapped, so you can optimise the calculations alot.