Light opengl library


Where can I get source of light openGL library with function:
void MyMatrixMode(GLenum mode);
void MyPushMatrix();
void MyPopMatrix();
void MyLoadMatrix(const GLfloat *m);
void MyRotatef (GLfloat angle,
GLfloat x,
GLfloat y,
GLfloat z);
void MyScalef (GLfloat x,
GLfloat y,
GLfloat z);
void MyTranslatef (GLfloat x,
GLfloat y,
GLfloat z)
void MyLookAt (
GLdouble eyex,
GLdouble eyey,
GLdouble eyez,
GLdouble centerx,
GLdouble centery,
GLdouble centerz,
GLdouble upx,
GLdouble upy,
GLdouble upz);
void MyPerspective(GLdouble fovy,
GLdouble aspect,
GLdouble zNear,
GLdouble zFar);
void MyBegin();
void MyEnd();
void MyNormal3f(GLfloat nx, GLfloat ny, GLfloat nz)
void MyVertex3f(GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z)

void MyPolygon(const GLfloat *Vertices,
int VetricesNumber);
void myLightfv (GLenum light,
GLenum pname,
const GLfloat *params);
void myMaterialfv (GLenum pname,
const GLfloat *params);
void myEnable (GLenum light);


google ?
it revealed
wich is brian paul’s code, the mesa-man…

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