Light is different in MESA?

Everytime I make a OpenGL program to linux… lights doesnt work.. and the exactly same code (using GLUT) in windows produces perfect results. Is there anything special that I nedd to do? I already tried with boards from ATI, 3dFX and S3.. with none lights worked.. its just like there werw no reference to lightning in the code.

No, it should be exactly the same if not is it a bug. Do you use the same settings for the screen? Like color depth,…

I already found the problem. If in a light (nota ambient only) you forget to set the position, the windows implementation put it at (0,0,0) the MESA, dont put it anywhere. That was the problem.. I was forgeting to do it... and as in windows it works.. I didnt noticed the mistake.

Just a implementation difference… (bad documentation about this, I must say).

Thank you anyway.

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