Libs for character animation + dynamic cloth


My next project requires (skinned) character animation, with dynamic cloth. Models will have a moderate (but not low) poly count (think of Makehuman models). So, they will have more polys than usual game models, but I don’t need game-like frame rates, just a reasonable interactive frame rate.

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I’ve been looking for open source libs that already implement optimized skinning for medium-sized models, as well as libs that can handle some sort of dynamic cloth in real time (I don’t need Final Fantasy quality, just something that looks reasonably acceptable for real time).

I found several open source libs that, in combination, could perhaps meet these requirements, although I didn’t find any demos showing clothed and skinned characters, so all I can say is that “maybe” those libs can meet the needs, “maybe not”.

Anybody here with experience in ths subject?

All suggestions welcome!

Here is one for you :

It uses Physx which is Nvidia-specific however…

It’s worth looking at Bullet for their cloth and soft body stuff too.
Not sure about the character animation stuff as I have not used it.

Thanks a lot!