Library Problems - OMF format needed

I’m a medium level programmer and a total newbie to openGL. I managed to successfully compile an example program under MSVC5, but had no such luck when I wanted to use the Digital Mars compiler. After a lot of aggravation and searching, I discovered that the problem was the library format - that MS uses COFF and DMC along with Optlink uses OMF. I’ve tried creating my own converted libraries with Borland’s coff2omf and implib tools, but apparently they only work if the libraries are nothing more than import libs for their respective dlls. The files I got out of that were considerably smaller and lacked a lot of symbol definitions.

I apologize if this has been asked before, but I’m reaching the end of my patience trying to get this to work. STFW only got me conflicting reports and instructions. If anyone could either tell me what they did to get opengl to link under DMC, or post a link to someplace I can download an OMF version of the library, it would really help me out here.

The library for OPenGL is only link library. What’s the problem ? I will send you a OMF OpenGL32.lib on your e-mail.

I just got an example program to compile. :slight_smile: I made my own import libraries using def files, which I knew nothing about just a short while ago. However, the ones I created were around 3 kilobytes or so, while the original were 50-100. Anyone know why that is?

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