Library for extensions

Does anybody know where to download the PC libraries needed to use functions from glext.h?

I’d like to use some things that are not available in version 1.1, such as, glBlendFuncSeparate.

glext.h is available at

but I can’t find the libraries anywhere. I can’t believe this functionality isn’t available if I want to maintain cross-platform flexibility. Can anyone help?

Thank you.

You don’t need libraries for these functions, see:

There are some free libraries that help you with the extension loading. Have a look at GLEW.

Strictly speaking you don’t need that, you can also code it yourself. But why reinvent the wheel?

BTW, the wiki explains this with a few short lines.
Read the “Getting started” part.
You can also download the specifications for the different GL versions from the documents pages

I looked at

and oh boy that’s ugly!
You don’t ned to type

Just do

Personally, I prefer to get rid of the suffix, so