Libraries, 3D Engines, Game Engines ...


I’m a experienced C++/Asm programmer, but I’m totally new to Computer Graphics programming. I’m trying to develop a game for programmers similar to At-Robots, PC-Robots and similars.

I’ve found a lot of stuff about graphical programming and realized that there is some levels of programming. In each level, we have to decide for some (or a lot) type of library, API or Engines.

Since I dont want to do direct hardware access, my decision started in:
Direct-X or OpenGL?

I decided to learn OpenGL, since it is easier, portable and has more samples/tutorials over the net.

The next (higher) level I could not really decide. There is libraries such as GLUT, GLAUX (glaux.lib), GLU…

I have also read about even higher libraries, such as PortaLib3D, 3DGenesis, and so on.

Also it appears there are “Game Engines” (maybe the highest levels) such as Allegro, etc.

Besides these, there are auxiliar libraries, such as image loaders, model loaders, particles engines, etc.

Would someone point me out a link (or links) where I can find texts explaning such concepts (graphical APIs, 3D Engines, Game Engines, graphical programming levels…). I would also appreciate links to comparative reviews about the libraries/apis/engines in each level.

Thanks in advance,

Rafael d’El-Rey



enough to get started…