libktx.es2 missing?

Hi there,

Trying to build libktx for a project using Open GL ES 2. I see targets to build libktx for ES 1 and ES 3, but not ES 2. There seems to be some code meant to support GLES2 ( but it’s not enabled in any build target, as far as I can tell.

Is this intentional?


[QUOTE=i142857;43833]Hi there,

Is this intentional?

It’s an oversight due mainly to not having any ES2 load tests. If you make a copy of the es1 target in lib/libktx.gypi, s/.es1/.es2/, s/ES1/ES2/ and regenerate the projects (make xcode or msvs or cmake), a libktx.es2 target should appear. If you do this, please submit a pull request.

I hope to eventually get rid of the need for different versions of the library.

I see. Thanks for your answer. I actually ended up not using libktx and writing my own small KTX reader – the format is beautifully simple to deal with, especially if you know exactly what hardware you’ll be running on. It also allowed me to integrate it more naturally with the rest of the engine.

I stumbled upon another problem, by the way, just in case it helps someone:
When built with make on linux, the generated static library (libktx.es1.a) contains folders, which makes the linker refuse to use it (Malformed archive). This can be fixed by unpacking it with ar and then packing it without folders. I tried to figure out what’s wrong in the build scripts but I am very unfamiliar with all the technologies involved (make, cmake, gyp, bash) so I gave up, sorry.