I have download this game from:
but an error message says that they miss
where do I find her and as they are installed?

Depends on your distro. If you’re using Debian, use apt-get. If you’re using Gentoo, use emerge. If you’re using RedHat or another rpm based distro, go to

In my distro, slackware, this file is in the folder /etc/X11/lib/

U should use :

ln -s /etc/X11/lib/

to make the file available for every location u’re working in.

Greetz from the Netherlands.

By the way, if its in another place, then u should go to the filesystem’s root folder and use ls -s to locate the file, then use
ln -s /<justfoundlocation>/

also if U use the source to install, u should read the README.install file, more info is in there, about linking

my distro is mandrake 9.0

Originally posted by lucas:
my distro is mandrake 9.0

Well then, head to and look for the glut rpm that is compiled for Mandrake.

Or do a google search for “glut rpm mandrake”.

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