Libgles_cm display resolution?

I am compiling the typhoon labs examples for wince iPAQ 210.
I am using the vincent libraries libgles_cm.lib/dll 1.0.0
The iPAQ 210 has a 480x640 display.
The resolution of the openGL-ES window seems to be half that (both dimensions)
but takes up the entire wince display.

GetWindowRect(hWnd, &r); tells me it is 240x294 which is just about 240x320 with the missing real estate for the title bar and the keyboard icon I haven’t yet figured out how to get rid of.

What do I need to do to realize the actual resolution of my winCE device.

Due to the Vincent libs and the typhoon tutorials, I am much further ahead. Thank you for all your hard work.

This might help, look at Legacy Support section here:

High-resolution Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs also provide an emulation layer for backwards compatibility with old applications. With this emulation layer, the display appears to legacy applications as a traditional 240 x 320 display; however, the operating system scales all the graphics to fit the actual display size.

Thank you so much, your description was spot on.
To override this backward compatible emulation layer,
the solution is to create a *.rc file containing the line:


I called mine hra.rc.

Then compile it into a *.rsc file using
using this in your Makefile:

hra.rsc: hra.rc
        ${ARCH}-windres $? $@

then link the .rsc file as if its another object

Thanks again. You were a huge help.

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