I’m still try to create a collada importer for directx.
The problem is that directx is a lh coord!
I try some models exported from 3dsmax , but the positions of the meshes are wrong.
I 'm create a vector of meshes each with a matrix transform calculated by a node scene parsing of the visual scene.
THe matrix with the position calculated by “inheritance” of the nodes in scene is correct ,i verified ,but the meshes are not fine collocate.

WHat i do for transform a collada file from an rhc to an lch coord?


ColladaMax Exporter might automatically condition the COLLADA doucment from LHC to RHC since COLLADA use RHC.

When you said the mesh is not drawn correctly in direct x, how bad is it? is it only mirrored on XY-plane? assuming you are drawing the mesh without any matrix transforms.

If that’s the case, then you need to run some conditioners on the mesh data to convert from RHC to LHC before you can directly use the mesh data in directx.

Let me know your meshes are all mirrored.