-lglut ???


I’ve been trying to compile some linux opengl stuff with my pb (w/ panther).
First it was some easy little exercises from school. I had to change the makefile to use -framework GLUT instead of -lglut, and that was ok.
But now I’m trying to get the PLIB library (a game library, see http://plib.sourceforge.net/download.html)) and during the “./configure” it complains about nothing to “-lglut with” and says "configure: error: could not find working GLUT library
". That’s true, there’s no libGLUT.a nor libGLUT.dylib. I’m sure it used to work with Jaguar.

So that’s cool, GLUT is now a framework, written in objC and needs Foundation framework to compile, I know, but how do I fix this “missing library” problem?
Or at least some explanation?

GLUT has always been a framework, and actually needs only -lobjc to link, rather than the full Foundation framework (if you care).

You have two choices here – hack the PLIB configure script / build process to cope with Mac OS X’s frameworks, &c, or wait for others to do it

IIRC, there was a recent post to the Apple-run mac-games mailing list saying that PLIB will soon support Mac OS X, so a version from the head of CVS may work better.

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