hi friends of mine out there

im am a totally newbee around here very new to opengl

can you help me in the code for loading a 3d studio max level in opengl

You read the file format, extracting vertices, texture coordinates, normals, and other data. You store the data and send it to OpenGL through glDrawElements, glBegin/glEnd, etc. There is no automagic way to load any particular 3d file format with OpenGL, if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re a newbie, you should probably start with something simpler.

thank you ioquan for the support

than according to you… where show i start with as i am a new bee

OpenGL is used for drawing points, lines and polygons. since all of these (and much more!) are stored in a 3DStudio file, OpenGL can be made to display them (with a litle help from you, the coder).

you’ll want to have a good grasp on reading and parsing binary files. it also helps to understand how to read file specifications. go to wotsit to get the .3DS file specs. after reading the specs, you’ll find out that deep in the .3DS file there are chunks which hold the vertex positions of all the vertices of the object(s). this is the data that OpenGL needs to display the object.

I glossed over MANY issues that you’ll run into when loading a .3DS file (textures, keyframes, etc.) search the forum for more helpful tips. good luck.


Hardbond, also if it would be great if all would be so easy, it isn’t, so you shouldn’t think you could make your own Quake like shooter from one day to the next . How ever, there are very many examples in the internet available. A good start up is for example NeHe, simply search on google or so for “opengl+tutorials” and you will for sure find a bunch. Later you can check out NVidia’s SDK then for special effects and other more complex stuff.


thanks very much friends

you all are of great help


how would it be with the use of third party

can you suggest any such engines. what do you recommend me