Lets cool it!

(1)Why is everyone arguing wether Microsoft is good or not on a OpenGL forum?
(2)If you hate MS, then have a look at Direct Draw. I am not a M$ fan, but i still think Direct Draw gives you to-the-metal 2d graphics. Take a look at DMusic. If you know how to use it, you will find it the best tool ever for interactive music, or music in general.
However, i must say, D3D is one of the worst things i have seen. Not performance wise, but learning-wise. It is so horribly messy. I find OpenGL “alot” cleaner and neater. Yet, i can see the D3D “will” progress alot and so i “have” to learn(if not use) it. This is where i start hating M$. Microsoft is a good company, but only that it shouldn’t have monopolized the market* like that.

I think we all have had enough of “M$ VS the rest” debates, so lets do what this forum was originaly meant for:To talk about using Open GL. I think that would be alot more productive.

*just my opinion, yours may vary

yeah… same here, I mean… if people just insult M$ and tell people to use linux because MS sucks (literally), that’s not going to motivate them.

When I first saw linux, I was thrown in a big argument on whether to choose linux/win… I was using win95 at the time, and I loved it. But I did not like people insulting ME (by insulting the OS of my choice) for using win95. Thus, I ended up defending MS in most arguments… 1.5 years later I ended up using and liking linux on my own… it was a great experience, without worrying about choosing sides.

If you want people to use linux, tell them what it has to offer… don’t diss MS…

if linux offers them more, and they know about it, they’ll switch over . I think I wandered off the topic but yeah…