Learning Vulkan or not

As a hobbyist, I was previously learning DirectX 11 on Windows 10 on Intel x86 mac in bootcamp.

Now I transitioned to an M1 with no bootcamp which makes Vulkan a tempting option. But I have to say I’m not convinced about graphics development on M1. For starters it doesn’t support ray tracing. It doesn’t support features like nanite in UE5, it doesn’t have developer tool like nsight.

Should I just continue learning DX11 until I get DX12 hardware? Is DX11 more alike DX12 or more alike Vulkan? Is Vulkan anything like DX12?

DX12 and Vulkan are mostly a paradigm break. They come from Mantle heritage. The defining feature is explicit Command Buffer – Queue system, and associated explicit memory management and synchronization.

These APIs demand you to learn more, for less visible outcomes for you as a hobbyist. They are less abstract and more explicit (some people call it derogatorily “verbose”). It is the API in which the bottomest part of engines is supposed to be written, rather than “graphics development” where you have fun experimenting and rapid prototyping and whatever.

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