Learning how to use extensions.

Ok i’m confused. Do all of you just read through the extension list, read specs of random extensions and just think up ways of using the very vague and wierdly syntaxed overview to your advantage in your 3d applications? I mean where do you learn how to use each of the extensions to do what you want. I’m looking at the specs and just end up staring at the overview a few times. I got how to use EXT_compiled_arrays and how to use var because I know about vertex arrays but everything else seems like gibberish to me, and the few that I do understand a bit I can’t figure out either how to use it (I mean acutally how to code it) or how to apply it to a problem… Can someone give me some insight here?


If you have trouble understanding the spec, even after reading twice, you’re better of with examples.
Have you tried reading about ARB_vertex_program? It’s fun!

{ http://developer.nvidia.com http://cvs1.nvidia.com/OpenGL/src/
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{ http://www.ati.com/developer
search engine

they both have source and demo for a lot of extensions


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I’ve read the specs on ARB_vertex_program and that’s really wehn i got excited about using extensions and wanting to learn it but it went over my head on 1) really how to use it and 2) what it’s used to do (what you can use it for basically). i’ll check out those pages thanks!


a simple example about ARB_vertex_program, and some on the proprietary NV_vertex_program. similar syntax, similar usage, similar features. just, arb is logically the way to go…

that page should help you much to understand the usage and the use of vertex_programs…