Learning current OpenGL spec

I’m a competent c++ programmer and have dabbled in software rendering and direct3d, but would like to get my hands dirty with OpenGL. It looks like things are kind of in limbo right now with tons of deprecated resources (NeHe, Nate Robins).

I’ve peeked at some of the available books (red book, superbible) but neither seem to have current, pruned editions. Until one is released (looks like July for an updated superbible) are there any resources, free or otherwise, which will help me get started besides just trying to absorb the spec itself?

The OpenGL wiki page is quite handy:
It documents a lot of stuff + has warnings of deprecated functionality + what to use instead.

I would say going through the spec first is great for any experienced programmer. No need to understand deeply every minute detail, but useful to have a complete overview. Then details will fall into place easily.

Indeed, the official wiki has good and recent info :
An overview of modern extensions :
Some bleeding-edge OpenGL 3.3 code :

Thanks. The wiki looks good. I’ll go through the spec, too, I’m just feeling a little lazy.

It isn’t too bad. I’ve found the spec docs are well written and clear. The changelists are good reference too.