Learn from seeing

I am taking a class that uses opengl and I learn best by looking at others code and learning from how they approach things. The problem I have run into is that people use things like “GLunit” and my book does not tell me what it does. Is there a book out there that just gives a definition of what all the routines do. I don’t want to copy code I want to understand it so I can then write what I need to do. This weeks assignment is to write a game like the old pong game. Any ideas? Thanks. Got to keep it simple as I only have two weeks into this

GLuint is implemented as a typedef everywhere. Since OpenGL is intended to be platform independent, it’s data types have also to be. Where a simple int may have 32 bit on one platform and 64 bit on another newer one, GLint is guaranteed to be 32 bit signed integer. This helps a lot writing portable code.

I can’t recommend any particular book, but for the ultimate authority on OpenGL, get the OpenGL specs: http://www.opengl.org/developers/documentation/OpenGL12.html

GLuint is a data type like int. It’s not a function. BTW, I think the best source if you just want to hit the ground running would be to check out the OpenGL tutorials over at nehe.gamedev.net.

Did I say it would be a function?

no Michael you didn’t…

as books i know the so called red book (OpenGL Programming Guide) or OpenGl Superbible.

AU Student you also might try this link http://www.eecs.tulane.edu/www/graphics/doc/OpenGL-Man-Pages/opengl_index_alpha.html

there you have all OpenGL things including glut and some extensions