Learining proper OpenGL 2.0

I have been working with OpenGL for some time now. However I have reached a point where “glVertex3f” is something I should not use any more. The thing is that all tutorials I have found, either talk about functionality from OGL 1.1, or concern a very specific topic (like only shaders, or FBO’s etc.), to the point I get a bit lost on what to learn first, or what is what.

I would like to learn PROPER 3d programming. So…

Can anybody point me to a website or suggest a book that could help me to do just that?

Or at least give me a list of topics that I’d have to cover in order to know how modern, proper 3d apps are made?

thanks ! :slight_smile:

Learn how to use shaders, vertex buffer objects and framebuffer objects. There are many tutorials on the web, but I have not enough experience to point you to one.

I have done few samples following this idea, you may have a look:


I’m also highly interested in learning the “proper” way of modern OpenGL programming.

I’ve tried your samples Groovounet, but most of them don’t work on my computer (running Vista, with an ATI 4850 card and catalysts 8.8). For example on “first vertex shader” all I have is a black window, with the following in stderr.txt:

Compiling shader
Vertex shader was successfully compiled to run on hardware.

Linking program
Vertex shader(s) linked, no fragment shader(s) defined. 
OpenGL Error(Render): valeur non valide
OpenGL Error(Render): valeur non valide
OpenGL Error(Render): valeur non valide

Many samples also fail while compiling the shaders.

I’ve tried to rebuild the project with no success. Looking at the code, the error seems to occur in the CMain::Render function, during the calls to your glm library.

Very unfortunate… Yes, I have a GeForce :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try to have a look on that but currently I am kind of computer less so it could take a while. Keep the link for latter.

Thanks for this feedback :slight_smile: