LCC lib problem...

I am using LCC win 32 for a project I am dong and ran into this problem:

When I tried to compile my program it told me it was missing some libs’ for some of the functions that I was using. One one them that it told me was missing was:

(function) | (Lib that it is in)

glutcreatewindow | glu32.lib

I thought nothing about that it said that the gut funtion was in the glu32 lib file. so then my program compiled and I ggot the dll’s that it was looking for and then on execution it told me:

ERROR: Function GlutCreateWindow was not found in GLU32.DLL!

So I am confused, why is it telling me that the glut function is in the glu DLL? Is there a way to fix it? Is it acually the thing about it saying the the glut finc was in the glu lib, or does that have nothin to do with it?

If you can help me I would appreciate it emmensly! Thanks ~Me6

glutcreatewindow() is part of GLUT not GLU, so you need to link to the glut library as well.

I might not have made myself clear in my last post, I know that the Glutcreatewindow does not belong to the glu lib. I think that LCC thinks that it does though, so I think that it is trying to link it to the glu lib. In my lib I have the OpenGL GLut and GLu libs. BUt it seems to tell it to look for that function in the lib.

I do use lcc and it works with glut. Maybe try to put glut32.lib before (or after) glu32.lib on the ‘Additionnal files to be included for the link’.

ok, will do.