latest version of my game

barrel patrol version 0.8beta is now available. please download it and lemme know what you think!

Is there a linux version?

Originally posted by grady:
Is there a linux version?

Not yet. I’m looking into the idea of using GLUT so I can port the code to Mac and or Linux. The audio will also need to be dealt with, but openAL might be an option for Linux.

Very nice, I like that retro look you have going there. No comments on gameplay since that is unfinished, but I did want to make one suggestion. Pull those classic arcade mountains off the sky background image and make them 3d. Either by 3d models or maybe better would be just textures w/ alpha transparancy. So when you are driving your tank across the arena, you see some depth in the background. Not exactly realistic, but could enhance the retro look feel.

One technical problem. While my Voodoo 3 card pumped out a smooth 45 fps, there was constant flickering. Like it wasn’t double buffered (just describing the effect).

constant flickering? Hmm… Did it flicker in both 32bits and 16bits? That’s one area I’m a little weak in – understanding how to work with multiple cards and what their individual abilities are.

I also tested the game with a voodoo3 card and I noticed that the flicker only occured in fullscreen mode.

How much memory on your gfx cards?

All voodoo 3’s have 16. 16/32bit color modes both have that same flicker.

I’m wondering if there’s a setting related to VSYNC that I should look into. It sounds like this might be the problem.