Latest OpenGL Headers & Libraries

Ok, this is going to seem like a very dumb question and it probably is. I know that the OpenGL libraries that comes with Windows are very old (from the days of Win95?). I’ve been trying to find new headers and libraries for Windows XP for OpenGL. Are there any new ones that reflect the changes in OpenGL 2.0? If so could you guys give me a link to find them in? It would be much appreciated.

  • Halcyon

You mean that you want to know the opengl 2.0 specs ?
In this case there is a pdf document that you should read
OpenGL 2.0 specs.pdf

Under windows there is no official news about a version, this is the constructor’s drivers that implement Opengl specs…

I haven’t done any OpenGL work in some time. Probably around the same time that DX9 was released and OpenGL 2.0 was being propossed. If I remember, they were going to add things to the OpenGL core (extensions becoming core functions). I’m assuming they didn’t do too much of that then? All of OpenGL 2.0 is acquired through extentions?

  • Halcyon

are there OpenGL 2.0 Headers (or 1.4)?
I mean in the newest redbook they’re writing progams which I cannot compile with WinXP…
So are there newer OpenGL libaries and headers avaivable??

Up-to-date extensions headers, libs, info etc can be found at the OpenGL extension registry: