Latest OpenGL Extensions for OS 9+?

I run Mac OS 9.2.2 which has been supplied with the OpenGL extension set v 1.2.4. Attempting to open the Mac version of the RealMyst Demo, I get “There was an error preparing OpenGL. Please make sure you have the latest version of OpenGL installed.”

Is there a later version that works under the classic Mac OS? Or does this mean I need Mac OS X to play this demo? :confused:


----    Bill

Just checked system req’ts on RealMyst for the Mac; supposedly will work on OS 8.6 and up, AND on 10.1. Since I am running 9.2.2 with latest OpenGL extensions (and just reinstalled ATI stuff for my Radeon board to make sure the QuickTime RAVE was up to date), I cannot believe the error message from the RealMyst Demo. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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