latest nvidia driver

My machine does not support the render-to-texture extension.
In the nvidia paper, “Opengl - Render to Texture” at,
it is stated that this extension requires at least 28.40 driver.

I have version 28.32 and I cannot find a newer version at nvidia.

Does anyone know where to find this version?

A new version is beta-tested by registered developers. I can’t speak for NVIDIA but that usually means that the drivers will be released quite soon…

Anywya, if you are really desperate, you can always download leaked drivers from some web site (just type “leaked nvidia” in google).



28.32 drivers do support render-to-texture (I’m running them on my machine right now).

Make sure you are using wglGetExtensionsStringARB when looking for WGL_ARB_render_texture support.

When I return GL_EXTENSIONS string, I have neither “WGL_ARB_extensions_string” nor “WGL_ARB_render_texture”.

Also, I use nvparse to intialize the extensions.

Don’t these extensions need to be in the GL_EXTENSIONS string?

What platform do you have?


Try something like this:

const char *winsys_extensions = “”;
wglGetExtensionsStringARB = (PFNWGLGETEXTENSIONSSTRINGARBPROC)wglGetProcAddress(“wglGetExtensionsStringARB”);
winsys_extensions = wglGetExtensionsStringARB(wglGetCurrentDC());

WGL_ARB_render_texture should show up in the returned string.

Edit: I’m running win2k on a GF4

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The extension exists and works in 28.32. I wouldn’t say it works well. Its slower than you can imagine. But hopefully 28.40 fixes that. It damn well better or I am going to go nuckin futs.