Latest NV exts. only on 8xxx and 9xxx ??

I think V-Man’s comment deserves it’s own thread:

Anybody know is it a real hw. or a driver limitation?

It’s not a driver limitation… the new extensions are only available on NVIDIA’s newest GPUs (G80+) (hardware instancing, texture arrays, transform feedback, geometry shaders, etc.)

@Hex: check the URL I quoted - for example EXT_bindable_uniform should be IMHO hardware agnostic.

Not necessarily… I can see it being a hardware limitation such that the uniforms are stored in some other area in memory.

I think from this image it’s evident that uniforms on SM3 cards are stored in some kind of constant memory and cannot be mapped to VBOs (256 max on SM3 to 4096 max on SM4), but I’m no GPU hardware expert and could very well be wrong. :slight_smile: