large terrain

I am trying to make my terrain from a heightmap. I want me terrain to be large. What I am tring to do is load the hieghtmap and repeat it over and over making my terrain almost infinite. I need info on how to do this.
My main problem is getting the edges of the heightmap to match the height of the opposite edge so it can be tiled. Is there a paint program that will do it for me?
what is the best way to do this to speed up fps?

the gimp (image program) will let u seamlessly tile images
u could also do this yourself
A/ generate heights
B/ for each height sample add the neighbouring edge height samples with a weight depending on the distance from that borders edge
(explained terrible)

thanks zed but that is not what i am asking. i want to tile the whole hieghtmap so the same hieghtmap get rendered only tiled

sorry zed i misread what you wrote ill try that program but still open to any other comments

whoa there are quite some cool LOD algorithms that will spped up terrain rendering. i am currently working on an egine that uses the ROAM concept. here’s the link to a demo-ROAM-engine:

there was a very interesting link on the openGL frontpage a few weeks ago to an egine some guy wrote that didn’t use traingle tesselation but line tesselation and was incredibly speedy.


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thanks for the links they are very interesting

thanks for the help but i still would like a few other solutions to look at for my problem

Terra 3D offers source for just what you are describing, at least what I think you are describing. The terrain is endless, in so much as it wraps around as you describe, the fog is set up so that you don’t see that. I didn’t write it, so send questions to the author, I just found it in the news and had to go searching backwards in previous months to find the link.

Good luck!