Laptop with 3D Textures??

Is there a computer that supports 3D Textures?? I recently bought a laptop with GeForce 4 Go, but the extension is not supported and I’m really ticked off. The hardware is suppose to support it according to NVIDIA’s website so the implementation in the driver must not be there. This extension is a “must have” for my work.

Not sure about the Geforce4go, but the mobility Radeons (any of them) do have hardware accelerated 3d textures.

Geforce 4 Go is pretty much the same as a GF4 MX, which is pretty much a fast GF2. So 3d textures aren’t supported in hw. A mobility Radeon is what you need.

If you look carefully, nVIDIA drivers support 3D textures on GF2 and GF4MX in EMULATION mode, which means software. Also, this support only appeared in “later” drivers; some laptops still come with version 15 or 17 drivers (you need to go to 29 to be somewhat recent).

However, I think your prolem is that you’re looking for the extension. nVIDIA only exposes the extension if 3D textures are actualy FAST (i e, in hardware). Meanwhile, they claim to support OpenGL 1.3, which requires 3D textures, so getting and using the “plain” (non-extended) versions of the 3D texture functions will work. It’ll just run really slow.

As the man said: get a Mobility Radeon. If possible, get a 7500 or 9000, as the non-numbered one doesn’t have hardware transform.

Thanks. I tried it without checking for the extension and just made sure wglGetProcAddress returned not NULL and it worked, it’s just really slow.