Laptop and OpenGL

I’m planning to buy my first laptop for my college projects next week. The laptop that I’m going to buy has only ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450 256MB and I’m kinda worry if I can code here with high FPS, using opengl shaders and other cool stuffs. I’m really new with laptops because this is the first time I’m going to buy one. I have a powerful desktop here so I think I don’t need an expensive laptop. Can this video card handle it?


My favorite site to compare GPU on laptops is:

If you expect to code under Linux, don’t buy ATI, buy nVidia.

Also speed is not all: more important is reliable OpenGL drivers, and frequent update for new OpenGL features, nVidia wins on this category again for me.

Too bad, most of the laptop here that I can afford has better ATI video card. Others have 9100m or 8400m gs on it but according to notebookcheck, hd 3450 is better. I want to code under linux though but I can’t afford those laptop with 8600m or 9600m on it. :frowning:

So what should I do?