Is there any library that can carry out matrix operations like LAPACK and that is developed for GLSL use in an OpenGL program? Platform-specific is ok. Thanks.

Not that I know of. There are some complete BLAS implementations for OpenCL or for specific GPUs, but not so much for LAPACK, and nothing using GLSL (however, you can pass GPU-side data between GLSL and OpenCL).


I’m not interested in OpenCL, so let’s talk about CUDA. So a program can be written both as an OpenGL and CUDA, so that results calculated by CUDA LAPACK library can be transferred within GPU to GLSL? If so, can someone else please share a link to sample codes (a program of both OpenGL and CUDA and data transfer from CUDA to GLSL which takes place solely in GPU)? Thanks.

The websearch terms you’re looking for are: “cuda opengl interop example”. This will turn up a number of hits. For NVidia samples, limit the search to

Sample hits:

Thank you very much Dark Photon!

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