Landscape rendering


everywhere I read something about fast 3D i am reading use BSP!
Is this even a good way to render if I am on to landscape - rendering?

I just want to know befor i implement it for nothing - right now I use a kind of space-partion-system an render 300 polygon leafs by clipping the bouncing box of the leaf against the view frustum.

thank you for your time

There are a lot of ways to speed up rendering in general. With terrain you’ll find that frustrum culling (which you are doing now) will lead to a big improvement since typically most of the terrain is out of the viewing volume and does not need to be drawn. If I’m right BSP is more for overlapping images, so if you are looking top down on a flat terrain it will make no difference. If you have a more angled view on a hilly terrain then it should make a difference. If there are objects on the terrain it should also make a difference. Do a search on speeding up rendering and see what else you come up with.

Thank you for your time.

I’ll do a closer look on what I plan in my engine.

thank you

Well, BSP will grealy increase your performance, but this is more for indoor scenarios… What this does is that is takes, say rooms, and only renders things that you can see. So if you are in a hallway filled with rooms, it will not render the inside of every room, it will only do what is at sight…

Outdoors? You are on top of the thing, f. culling…

Did you try ROAM for rendering your terrain?
Good stuff. Or even Quad trees…

What do you use?

The typical BSP is good for collision detection in indoor scenes. That said, occlusion culling in Quake for example is done with an extension to typical bsps.
Bsps are overrated nowadays, it was once good but today portal schemes are probably better suited for the hardware.