I have the game Mohaa:Medal of Honor(AA)
and my Comp Is a AMD Duron not to sure on the video card all i know is i click on (SIS)
for my video adjustments i lagg vry bad in on-line gaming and on my single player also
it;s not my network i have cable and my ping is like 35ms someone told me it’s my video card i tried downloading Open GL but it say it can’t find a driver for my video please help me

thanks Mohaa:Lagged

Not sure a driver is going to help you. If you have an older computer (Duron) and an older (probably built in) video card, you’re going have low frame rates (what you call “lag”) in modern games.

Beyond that, you need to find out the EXACT video you have in your system.

Probably the quickest way to do that is to go under START, select RUN, and type DXDIAG. You can then save all the information to a file for viewing.