Lag on opengl

When playing either cs or quake2 in opengl it lags me very badly on the net but when I play single player it is fine. Why is this happening. I have a asus v7100 geforce2mx with 12.41 detonator drivers. I have tried the 12.90’s but still the same problem.

Most likely because the net itself or your connection is slow. If the program runs good in single player mode should the OpenGL part be working.

Well My internet connection is 56k dialup and should be fine. I connect at around 48,000 to 49,333bps and I know other people who have the same connection speeds who can run in opengl.

The major thing its that you have good ping (about max 100). I dont really know why you got this lagging problem but I know when you`re connected to the internet the processor and memory been working a bit more. How big processor and how much ram do you got.

My system is an AMD 1.2Ghz with 256MB pc133 RAM, and it has a A7V Asus Motherboard… See Graphics card is listed above. I do not have this lag when not playing on the net, but the lag should not happen even if i am playing on the net, the lag is not in the ‘i click and wait for shoot time’ but in the actuall processing of my images, such that the whole game lags when playing online. This does not happen when playing offline.