KOTOR Menu Error

Hi guys. I have been referred here by a friend who seems to think what i am experiencing is an OpenGL error which, i will be honest with now, i know nothing about. The only thing i know about my graphics card is that its an Nvidia GeForce 7300LE.

So i have installed kotor on Vista. Enabled compatability etc when running the game and from the quick run through ive had it runs fine but on the main menu only the word Quit will appear. No other buttons although when i click on the greyed out buttons the functions will still run. I have attached a screenshot. Ive updated my Nvidia graphics card drivers but i dunno if that includes OpenGL or not?

Attached is a screenie. Any help would be most grateful. Thank you


After consulting the web site of the game, your problem seem not with OpenGL but with DirectX. Try older drivers to see if it works (I have to do so with some old game).

Im on DirectX 10 at the minute…why wouldnt that work if its up from DX9B?