KOTOR and OpenGL

When I scan my hardware for KOTOR’s requirements, it says I fail the requirements in that I do not have OpenGL 1.4 or better drivers. My video card is a Radeon 9100 and I am running the latest Catalyst drivers.

The “problem” with OpenGL 1.4 is that it needs DirectX9 class hardware to be fully exposed.

That means 2.0 vertex- and pixelshaders are required. With DirectX8 class hardware (1.x shaders) like your Radeon 9100 you can only use a subset of OpenGL 1.4.

I am not familiar with KOTOR or it minium requirements but it sounds like the game really wants 2.0 shader hardware.

I’ll see if I can dig out some more information.

before I posted this topic, I read in another that my board should be fine to run the game. Its definitely powerful enough. 9100 is the same as a 8500 LE and both are faster than the 9200. WHile it is of course not a DX9 card, this other topic says the 8500-9200 range is supported.


Indeed, but you did not said yet if the games actually works or not?

Perhaps the game can fall back to pixelshaders 1.4 so not having OpenGL 1.4 isnt really an issue?

The splash screen shows up and then I get an error box message with boxes and random symbols. Its starting to seem like more of a software error than video.

I don’t have a Radeon board but I’d be curious to know if SciTech’s new GLDirect 5 DX9 shader drivers work for games like this?

I have a Radeon 9100 card, and from what I can tell, even if OpenGL1.4 is not fully supported, KOTOR Works with this card…