KoTOR and ati radeon 7500

I have an ati radeon 7500 wiht openGL 1.3 card and i have updated KoTOR fully (it says that it should run the earlier radeon chipsets i.e before 8500) but i still need openGL 1.4 to run the game…can it be downloaded or do i just simply update my graphics drivers or do i need to update my graphics card altogether? This is probably a stupid question but i don’t know much about computers. Any info would be much appreciated.

Hardware accelerated OpenGL is implemented by the video drivers from the card manufacturers, so go to their website (ATI) and dwonload & install the newest drivers.

Except that even the newest drivers for the 7500 only support OpenGL 1.3, you wont get OpenGL 1.4 support for that card simply because it lacks the features required (fragment & vertex shaders).

KOTOR is very demanding in terms of 3d card power anyway so you may want to get yourself something like a 9600 Pro.