hey, i need some help, i have an OpenGL Version=1.2 and i dont really know how to upgrade it on my VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP 128 MB graphics card, if some1 could plz help me it would be appreciated, thanks

if u could, would someone please post a site to go to, thanks

i also need open GL 1.4 to run it


i dont see unichrome in the sites

Try doing a search on the site.

i searched, and i couldnt find it

The Unichrome does NOT support OpenGL higher then 1.2 because it lacks the features required by OpenGL 1.3 and up.

Unless you get a decent 3d card you are stuck with OpenGL 1.2.

i have some sis card and i have no freakin idea how to get open gl 1.4 can i get some help

You wont get OpenGL 1.4 for most, if not all, SiS 3d chips.
Get a decent 3d card and you will have it.
Sis has a long history of cheap (as in crap) 3d chips with buggy drivers.