Knights of the Old Republic Game crash

Ok, ive played the game fine up until one point. After i get the edon hawk from taris, and i kill the fighters, after the video sequence of the ship landing on the planet happens, the game crashs and thats the ball game. I’ve tried everything 10 times and can’t get it to run after that part I’ve updated my video drivers, direct x drivers and un and reinstalled the game 1,000 times.

If someone can help, thank you very much!!!

I also think a saved game of a point past there would maybe jump start it. If you have a save point past there, could you please email it to me? This is driving me insane!!!

my email is tfjbatman@hotmail by the way


Sounds like a bug in the game…

ive already sent an email to their tech support team, but they take forever to respond. i was hoping one of you find folks may have the answer

So then, you are using v1.01?

Just reading the README.TXT on the patch… it seems like KotOR wasn’t quite ready for primetime.


It’s also easy to become extremely disappointed with the game’s technical issues. Your mileage may vary, but we experienced problems with the game on four different test systems, each with a different processor and graphics card. One system simply could not load the game at all after it had successfully been installed. Another system experienced graphical issues and sluggish frame rates, though it greatly exceeded the game’s recommended system requirements. The third system encountered sporadic frame rate issues as well as some unavoidable crash bugs, which prevented us from progressing further into the game. A fourth system ran the game beautifully–though with occasional, spontaneous crashes to desktop later on in the game. A look at the official technical support forums for Knights of the Old Republic revealed that none of these issues seemed to be unique to our test systems, but no clear solutions to the problems were available either. It seems likely, then, that the PC version of Knights of the Old Republic wasn’t thoroughly tested on many of today’s standard PC configurations before it was shipped. It also seems likely that these problems will be addressed in a patch at some point (a beta patch that addressed certain specific problems was already available a few short days after the game’s release), but it’s still a shame that some players’ experience with this otherwise outstanding game will be worsened or even cut short because of these embarrassing problems.

i had the same problem! but i could solve it. turn of GRAS. Yes, as simple as that. turn it off in the graafic menu. that was the devil in deguise. it works fine now since i did. windows xp, amd 1.4, radoen 8500, open gl 1.3