KNI / MMX and optimizations

Since VC 6.0 cannot generate KNI / MMX instructions, where can I get a compiler that does the trick?
Another problem: I read alot about true fullscreen / fake fullscreen. I’m actually usign GLUT, so how can I have true fullscreen?


You should have a look at the game mode in glut (version 3.7 and later only I think), have never used it, so I don’t know the exact names of the functions. There is a few functions for setting up a fullscreen game environment to work in.

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Regarding your question about ISSE (this is the offical name for KNI), as far as I know the only C++ compiler that support ISSE as inline assembly is (of course) the intel reference compiler. Check out intel’s website.

Personly I find the intel compiler is for ****. So I use MASM 6.14 to do both 3DNow! and ISSE.

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You may wanna look into the freeware NASM assembler. It supports MMX/ISSE/3Dnow! opcodes, and is a platform independant x86 assembler. It uses a syntax very similar to TASM/MASM.

Hm, I heard that the NASM generated object code isn’t compliant to MSVC object code, with means that I can’t link NASM object files to my other stuff. Any thougt’s?

I actually never tried it mayself…

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