KIL in VP?

hi guys,
first of all please let me say thanks for the answers you have provided to my previous post, i dont know why but i just couldnt reply to the post (got some jscript error)

i got one more question about vp, is there any way i can kill a vertex in a vertex program?
i mean, i just wish i could flip normals in vertex progs to kill some vertices
is this possible?

as usual, many thanks

EDIT: i still cant reply to posts, is it my problem or what? anyway urgh thanks a lot cass

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No. This is not possible today.

Killing happens per-primitive or per-fragment only.

You can send in a texture coordinate, and use KIL in the fragment program if the coordinate is less than 0.

Note, that the coordinate will be interpolated across triangles, so if you want a specific triangle gone, you need to kill all three vertices (and that might kill parts of other things that share those vertices).

So far ever since the GeForce 3, you can not create or detroy a vertex in the GPU using a vertex program/shader. Maybe in the future this will change.