Keyboard return values

I am using GlutKeyboardFunc in one of my programs and not all of the keys are recognized. First
off, I am using Ada and this might be part of the
problem but I am not sure. The program returns a
value for all the number keys, all the character
keys, the shift bar, the enter key, and delete
key, and the far side arrow + numeric keys. It
does not recognize the arrow keys, insert, home,
page up, etc. (with the exception of the delete

I also transferred the program to a different
computer and a laptop and the program did not
recognize any keys! Could Glut.DLL, CLU_32.DLL,
or OpenGL_32.DLL be the cause? I do not belive
the use of Ada is the cause but I could be wrong.
Any solutions?

For “special” keys, you’ll need to use glutSpecialFunc rather than glutKeyboardFunc. See


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