keyboard question.

I’ve created a 3-d maze program that’s heavily based off of the maze example on the SGI website( download here ), only rewritten using console/glut functions instead of Win32 functions.

the program has some floats that control movement these include:
player_s-controls speed of movement(backward(float is negative) or forward(float is positive))
player_t-controls speed of turning movement(negative is counter-clockwise, positive is clockwise)

I’d like to have it so it’s like a typical 3-d game(ie wolfenstein) where you must hold a button in to walk forward/turn/move

right now i have the w key incrementing speed, s key decrementing it, left incrementing turn speed, and right decrementing turn speed.

i’m sure someone can tell me how this works. basically i need the speed to change while the key is being held, then reset to zero once the key is released

Well this is just programming stuff, thus this has nothing to do with gl.

You can store the state of the keys so that you can know if a key is actually down or just release or so. If a key is pressed then accelerate, if at the next tick it is still pressed then modify the acceleration, if it is released, then decelerate.