In my program I want to be able to be able to bind about 5 keys at once. I am using an array for flags on which keys are down and the idle function for updates depending on witch key is pressed yet my computer will only let me bind 2-3 keys at once. I’m using glut to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Actually, I doubt you’ll be able to overcome that.
Many keyboards just don’t recognise more than a couple of simultaneous key presses.

You could try a newer/more expensive (e.g. USB) keyboard, but don’t hold your breath.

>> You could try a newer/more expensive (e.g. USB)
Don’t ! My uber recent fancy logitech keyboard is way WAY worse than my venerable hp keyboard !

Now I can’t even run+strafe left+forward ! That is a shame really, but appart testing each keyboard at the store … Such features are not really needed for office work…

Well thats a bummer.

Thanks anyways

If you’re not afraid of using a soldering iron, and possibly destroying a keyboard, this site has a suggestion:

But you can’t expect your users to do the same of course.

Hey thanks T101 !
The links seems really insteresting !