Key frame animations question.

Ok I want to use indexed vertex arrays, and along with a bone index, I want to be able to rotate only certain verticies around different axis. What ive done so far is created my vertex arrays with EnableClientState, and ive set my pointers with glVertexPoints, to create an indexed array. Now i have loaded a bone index into an array. And with the bone index I plan to access each vertex that i need to. My real question is, after doing all that coding, will opengls rotate function work on those individual verticies, or do i have to create my own matrix??? Sorry i know this seems like a wierd question.

as far as i can follow your question, i think you’ll need your own matrix operations to shift all those vertices into place and then draw you triangles using the translated vertices. this isn’t too difficult though since it’s really just plain matrix multiplications.

do you plan to use textures on your skin&bone model? i haven’t yet found a clever way of using vertex arrays with texturing since each vertex might require several different texture coordinates (one for each face the vertex belongs to) and openGL doesn’t allow specifiying this with an array stride or something…

by the way, there is a nice keyframe animation tutorial at in the tutorials/openGL section i think, it loads and animates quake2 models


Thanks for your reply. You got the jist of what I was attempting to say. I dont think I will have problems with the text cords, I will be implementing bump mapping with the textures, and some streaching of the cords will not affect my desired look. I do like the importer that was writin at the game dev sight, but i want to create my own for high optimization. I find that so many of them are sloppy in there design. Once again thank you.