Kernel's source code protection

Navigating by the Intel’s OpenCL forums I found this:

It’s a thread talking about encrypting OpenCL kernel’s source.

I agree that currently we have a problem: it’s very easy to get your source code so it will be very easy for a hacker to get it. Think that many companies are placing comments and IP inside that source code so I think will be good to design a way to make hacker’s life a bit harder in this aspect ( there is no perfect solution and all can be hacked but… )

Btw, to precompile the kernels it’s not good for me because we must deal with 60 different types of GPUs ( 30 NVIDIA models + 30 ATI models, etc… )… and currently, precompiled kernels are a bit buggy.

It would be nice if Khronos created some sort of ‘generic’ portable asm like Microsoft has in DirectCompute to avoid these problems. With OpenGL 2 a lot of game companies use the ARB shader asm feature.

It may be possible to write an OpenCL obfusicator similar to all those ones for JavaScript.

Well, that or force all the OpenCL implementors to have a tool like Intel’s:

But add an option to pre-compile for ALL the devices supported by the platform ( for example, in case of NVIDIA, for all the G80, GT200 and Fermi devices ). If you precompile just for one/a few then your kernel could not run if the user plugs in other card.
And, ofc, that tool should be updated as soon as possible an IHV releases a new card type.