just wanted to know!

hi all

just wanted to know, what is 3ds. i know nothing about it.

thanks in advance!

3D Studio - Quite old 3d modeller I think (I had a dos version…), Is 3d studio max the follower?
3D Studio fileformat *.3ds
I would prefer to write a 3ds max plugin soon.

Does anyone know where I can get realistic sized and polygonized spaceships ( ie. not more than 1000-1500 polys) for 3ds max?
Does anyone know where to find artists that would like to provide all game data that one could use in his little engines? I’m very bad in 3ds max and don’t know where to learn more about its usage.

Michael, you might want to check out http://garagegames.clipper.net/ . They have a independent developer area that is filled with artists, programmers, musicians, and others, some of whom may be looking for work or a project to join.

For models, you might want to check out http://www.3dcafe.com/asp/freestuff.asp

They have a seemingly large selection of models in a variety of formats, as well as links to model converters and such. I’ve downloaded a few and only had small problems with them, mostly regarding inverted normals.

They seem to be very interresting from the first side! You helped me out!!!