Just starting..

I have currently decided to make a game wiht a few of my friends, when it came down to the gui. i said ill learn it. so i was woundering what all do i need to start out. please help me out anyway possible.

Do a google search for ‘gui list’. The third website down is

Try this http://nehe.gamedev.net Several good tutorials that will point you in the right direction.

Also a few questions

  1. What type of game?

  2. Have you any programming background?
    ( I ask because you said that you would learn the GUI )

  3. What IDE are you using to create this game?

the game is a first person shooter.
second i haved very little cding expence ive done some scripts for a game called tribes and tribes 2 and build webpages thas baout it.
when you say IDE what do you mean srry im a newb.