Just starting

Just a silly question I’m just starting to get to grips with Opengl and programming in C it’s so much fun. :slight_smile: When I master this stuff will it be pos to build a 3d modelling program just a simple one say like 3d Max or Bryce :cool: No seriously are their any beginners tutorials covering this, I found lots on games stuff.

Thanks in advance

Making 3D modelling program is not simple by itself. So no tutorials for beginners. Its very complex problem, you need to know: design and user-friendly GUI, much mathematics (matrixes, vectors, transformations, normals, quaterions, cursves, splines), much OpenGL techniques, file formats, much OS stuff (for example, to know how to make DLL-plugins or maybe u want Microsoft style COM-plugins), u must know all this things very well, so u can easily operate with them, all must be in your head already before you can start making 3D modelling tool.

If you’re serious, take a look at Blender.

It’s open-source and offers a chance to learn everything about 3D modeling, supported by high-priests and practitioners that were once just like you… starting out.

You’ll still need to pay your tuition by learning the basics of OpenGL first, of course, but for that there are plenty of tutorials such as at NeHe.gamedev.net to get your started.

Blender is at Blender.org

I’m in agreement with the above two, sort of. You should learn to walk before you run, so start by writing OpenGL applications that draw stuff on the screen. Then, animation. Then loading 3D Objects from well known, documentated, and available formats. (MD2 for example). After you have accomplished all of this, look into GL_SELECT rendering mode. You’ll most likely be using it to create a modelling application. Finally…after you wade your way through all of this, you’ll pretty much have everything you need in your tool box to make a rudimentary 3D modeller. And by rudimentary, I mean it. :slight_smile: You won’t have blending, shading, or very good texturing techniques. But you’ll be able to create your own 3D model of a block! LOL