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Ok, I want to play this summer with Open Gl. This will be my first attempt at doing anything with graphics, but it seems like alot of fun. On my computer I have RedHat 7.1. So, what next?? Basically, what do I need to use Open Gl in my programs? Are the libraries already installed in RedHat or do I need to down load them. Any advice would be great. thanks

what your going to want to download is mesa3d

and download glut

do a search on google for linkage to glut-3.7
me to tired to find…

and when you download your tar files your oging to do
tar -xvf firstfewletters (then hit tab)

the terminals support auto complete…
i have like 30 terminal’s open
kde is really cool since you just click the small little icon and you can open up anotehr terimanal and keep them all in teh same window thingie…

cool stuff.
and if you have a relativly new card and you want hardware accelration.
download the drivers from your the company that made your chip set and follow the README…

for an ide i reccomend nedit (www.nedit.org)

akbar A.

It depends on what video card you have.

I’m in the same boat…

I have a GF2 MX and I’m just know trying to get openGL and GLUT working on my Linux box.

Which version of libGL and libGLU should I be using? Mesa’s? SGI’s? Nvidia’s? Some are .a and some are .so. My understanding is this is just direct linking vs shared, right?

What exactly does Mesa do if you’ve got libGL from your card vendor?

Speaking of nvidia drivers, I’m finding that if I issue a glxinfo, it resets my graphics system (logs out, flashes nVidia Logo, then prompts for login). I suspect I’m installing incorrectly, but I dunno what to do differently. I’ve installed both the GLX and KERNAL info. Also, my GL program runs okay a few times then becomes HORRIBLY slow till I reset my graphics system (conveniently by issuing a glxinfo command ). I’ve verified that it’s still using the nVidia driver (GL_VENDOR)… nvidia’s drivers don’t have software rendering, do they?

I’m running on Stormix Linux (debian 2.2.16 I think)…

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

looks like this is a pretty big boat, 'cause i’m in it
too. i’ve just installed mandrake8 and it seems to
have all the necessary libraries in place:


but there’s no header files for these anywhere.
last night i downloaded the mesa 3.4.2 sources
as well as glut:

mesa from: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=3

glut from: http://reality.sgi.com/mjk_asd/glut3/glut3.html

i’ve unpacked the downloads.

can someone please tell me what i need to do to
get a /usr/include/GL directory all set up with the
necessary gl.h, glu.h, glut.h?

i believe what you need to get your gl programs
compiling is the right header files. you’ve prolly
already got mesa installed on your system (check
if you’ve got the lib’s i mentioned above). i’ll bet
your programs can link to these libs if you’ve got
the header files. (?)

right. the .a files are the static libs and the .so are
the shared objects. altho, i don’t know if you can
statically link gl libraries into your programs…?
thanks for the tip about the glxinfo command.

thanks for the tar command syntax. i’ve found that
tar can uncompress as well as unarchive by telling
it to with the -z (for gzipped) or -j (for bzip2) options. as in:

tar -xvzf glut-3.7.tar.gz

also, (re. nedit) i’ll just be happy if i
can get it to work with the “advanced editor”.

rts: yup, i’m the fellow you tried to help 3 months ago.
at the time, i knew almost nothing about linux/unix, what
X11R6 or DRI was, and what -lGL meant. i’m back and a little
better prepared this time. heh, i’m also just trying to get
it all to work with c++ rather than the java/magician combo.

a question tho,
you’d mentioned to get a source rpm (which i now know to be
an actual “source of rpm’s” rather than anything having to
do with source code) and “rebuild it” to get a bunch of
littler rpm’s created and placed in
–does installing rpm’s ever yield the necessary header
files i need to get my c++ pograms to compile?
–if not, must i do two separate installs:
1- to get the binary libs installed (if they’re not already)
using rpm
and 2- download source code to get the header files installed?

OK, I try to answer some questions:

  • nvidia users should use the libraries from nvidia for hw supported OpenGL. You can use GLU and glut from Mesa but the Mesa library itself is not used.

  • the glxinfo problem is strange. You can type “cat /proc/nv/card0” for more information. You have documentation at /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0

  • the drivers comes with headers. They should be at /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/include/GL. They are also extended with the nvidia supported extensions so no glext.h is needed.

I think I’m good, now.

I farted around with the nvidia installs and XF86Config and it now works better. glxinfo no longer resets my graphics. It may have something to do with extra libGL’s in a different directory, but I dunno.

well, maybe this’ll help someone new like me who might be following this thread. there’s even a happy ending. here’s what i found out and did:

you go to here: http://www.rpmfind.net
and search for the rpm’s you want. i went there, looked in the mandrake section, and grabbed a pile of mesa and glut rpm’s-- anything that looked like it might work.

i copied all the rpm’s into a folder in my home folder called something like mesaAndGlutRPMs.

then i started up the gui rpm program that comes right on the desktop with mandrake8 and told it i had a new “source” of rpm’s. i said it was a local source and gave it the path to home/me/mesaAndGlutRPMs. it churned for a while and then gave me the window where i could choose rpm’s to install. i picked the mesa and glut stuff from the “source” called mesaAndGlutRPMs and installed 'em all. the program told me something about needing XFree86 stuff too and i needed to put in one of the mandrake8 cd’s. here’s an edited bit of text representing what i ended up with at the end:

########gl include files in /usr/X11R6/include/GL

7907 Apr 8 04:46 GLwDrawA.h
4513 Apr 8 04:46 GLwDrawAP.h
2389 Apr 8 04:46 GLwMDrawA.h
2392 Apr 8 04:46 GLwMDrawAP.h
77631 Apr 8 04:46 gl.h
141766 Apr 8 04:46 glext.h
17237 May 18 07:48 glu.h
3335 May 18 07:48 glu_mangle.h
30028 May 18 07:48 glut.h
6817 Apr 8 04:46 glx.h
2535 Apr 8 04:46 glxint.h
8371 Apr 8 04:46 glxtokens.h
8000 Apr 8 04:46 osmesa.h

########gl library files in /usr/X11R6/lib

740 May 18 07:48 libGL.la*
 12 Jun 18 20:57 libGL.so -&gt; libGL.so.1.2*
 21 Jun 18 20:23 libGL.so.1 -&gt; libGLwrapper.so.0.1.4*

232044 May 18 07:48 libGL.so.1.0*
402252 Apr 8 04:48 libGL.so.1.2*
1900812 May 18 07:48 libGL.so.1.2.030402*

 19 Jun 18 20:23 libMesaGL.so.1 -&gt; libGL.so.1.2.030402*
 12 Jun 18 20:23 libMesaGL.so.1.0 -&gt; libGL.so.1.0*
 19 Jun 18 20:23 libMesaGL.so.3 -&gt; libGL.so.1.2.030402*

683 May 18 07:48 libGLU.la*
 11 Jun 16 11:36 libGLU.so.3 -&gt; libGLU.so.1*
 11 Jun 18 20:57 libGLU.so -&gt; libGLU.so.1*
 20 Jun 18 20:57 libGLU.so.1 -&gt; libGLU.so.1.2.030402*

134804 May 18 07:48 libGLU.so.1.2.030402*

  9 Jun 18 20:57 libMesaGLU.so -&gt; libGLU.so*
 11 Jun 16 11:36 libMesaGLU.so.1 -&gt; libGLU.so.1*
 11 Jun 16 11:36 libMesaGLU.so.3 -&gt; libGLU.so.3*

 16 Jun 18 20:57 libOSMesa.so -&gt; libOSMesa.so.3.3*
 16 Jun 16 11:36 libOSMesa.so.3 -&gt; libOSMesa.so.3.3*

1282572 Apr 8 04:48 libOSMesa.so.3.3*

26572 Apr 8 04:46 libGLw.a
124644 May 18 07:48 libGLwrapper.so.0.1.4*

730 May 18 07:48 libglut.la*
 12 Jun 18 20:57 libglut.so -&gt; libglut.so.3*
 16 Jun 16 11:36 libglut.so.3 -&gt; libglut.so.3.7.0*

205656 May 18 07:48 libglut.so.3.7.0*

the only thing that looks goofed up is the symbolic link that has libGL.so pointing to libGL.so.1.2 instead of pointing to libGL.so.1.2.030402. …not sure how to or if i should fix that…(?)

i made a simple little glut program and it compiled with the following line:

g++ -o peach -L/usr/X11R6/lib -I/usr/X11R6/include -lglut -lGLU -lGL peach.cpp

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