Just compliments!

You guys are very helpful. I appreciate it lots. And I dig the OpenGL-community, so I want to extend my thanks.

I started out with DirectX 8, but quickly jumped ship because (a) the documentation totally sucks, (b) I had to rewrite their samples to work on the Voodoo 3 (HAL, bah!), and © nobody has to this date shown complete code for plotting a pixel (gotta fill, copy, pass buffers) … which brings me back to how the DX8-dox totally sucks. I like to understand how everything works so I feel more like I control the computer than it controls me with its limited set of commands.

I kicked DX8 when it took me 1.5 hour to initialize OpenGL and get a texture mapped rotating cube in Windows. :slight_smile: I see hope for my future hobby of demo coding – something I’ve not done since the C64. :slight_smile: